Doing Life Together

Small Groups, Recovery & Growth Groups

Did you know that small groups are the heartbeat of the church?

With God and His Word as our passion, people are our priority.  Small / Growth Groups are where you can shed and unwind; laugh and cry; share what God is teaching you and what He is rebuking you about.  It is where authentic Christian walks can and will be born.  It’s about doing Life Together.

At Christ Center Wesleyan Church, we have small groups of all shapes and sizes.  Women only, men only, mixed, young adults, etc.  We also have a variety of Recovery Groups both from the community and Christ Centered.  Topical studies, books of the Bible studies and groups that are designed to care for you where you are and where your needs are.

Look through this list and if you have a need that is not represented here, please contact the church office and share your needs.  We will do our best to meet them.

Recovery Groups:

  • Sunday at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall – Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Monday at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall – AA – Slogans of Sobriety
  • Wednesday at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall – AA-Jay Walkers

If God places on your heart the desire to lead a small group or Bible study please let us know that too.  Knowledge is only as good as it is used and applied!

For more information including time & location visit our Calendar of Events.

Contact us at 928-282-9767, or with any questions.

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