The Threat of Distraction

November 19, 2023

We have seen complications and threats come from OUTSIDE the community, from INSIDE the community, now the attacks get PERSONAL!

Sanballat causes three distractions to Nehemiah, personally.
The distraction of a personal meeting.

The distraction of false charges.

The distraction of false prophecy.

Nehemiah remained FOCUSED and COMMITTED to the great work God had given him.

The greatest personal threat we will experience in rebuilding (either our church or our lives) is DISTRACTION!

Our commitment must be to faith in God’s calling and plan and single-minded focus on God’s mission and purpose.

What is distracting you from continuing God’s calling and mission in your life?
What distracting you from continuing to pursue God’s calling and mission for CCWC?
To what is God calling you to focus, and to courageously stand firm?

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