The Resurrection Lifestyle

April 7, 2024

Easter was never meant to be only an EVENT.

The resurrection is the focal point of history.

The disciples were different because of the resurrection.

The resurrection makes promises to those who believe.

  • Forgiveness from sin.
  • Deliverance from the power of sin
  • Power to Witness to the Resurrection

The world was DIFFERENT because of the resurrection.

Anyone can say that “Christ is Risen” on Easter
Sunday, but do you live the “Christ is Risen” every day?

That is what will show the world that the
resurrection is real. (Shane Pruitt)

Our purpose at CCWC is

The Purpose of Christ Center Wesleyan Church is to
make Jesus Christ the focus of our lives, to help our
neighbors find Jesus Christ, and to serve the
community of Sedona, the Verde Valley, and the

world beyond.

Does the world you live in know that the Resurrection is
real through your life?

How is the world different because Jesus is alive in you?

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