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April 14, 2024

The disciples were down on their faith.

In Genesis chapter 12, we find one of dozens of stories of
faith in scripture.

Abram’s call is all about faith.

  • God called Abram, and Abram said “Yes!”
  • Abram had no destination from God.
  • Abram had no means to realize God’s promise.
  • Abram wasn’t a stellar example, but he was faithful.

Scripture is filled with stories of people who trusted God.

Anyone can say that “Christ is Risen” on Easter
Sunday, but do you live the “Christ is Risen” every


That is what will show the world that the
resurrection is real. (Shane Pruitt)

People of faith…

  • Step out and follow, even when they don’t know are
    they are going.
  • Obey God, believing in God’s plan and provision.
  • Follow God’s will, wherever God leads.
  • Build faith by radical trust in God’s plan.

The disciples, filled with the Holy Spirit and faith in Jesus
Christ spread the good news around the world?

How is your faith?

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