The Race to Eternal Life

July 7, 2024

Most of you probably know that I like auto racing. I like
all kinds of racing. The Paris Olympics are about to take
over the news headlines.

The goal of the race, whatever the race may be, is to win
the prize.

The author of the book of Hebrews likens the life given
us by God to an endurance race…a marathon.

  • We begin by understanding the parameters of the
    race (Hebrews 11.40)
  • The saints who have gone on before have run and
    cheer for us in our race.
  • The first requirement of running the race is to lay
    aside anything that hinders running the race with all
    speed and endurance.
  • The second requirement is to run the race assigned to
  • We must fix our eyes on the goal and run toward that
  • We must run the race with endurance…to the end.
  • The prize is eternal life with Jesus at the right hand of

Where are you in the race that God as set before you?
Beginning? Middle? End?

What must you lay aside?

What do you need to do to endure?

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