The Power of Story

February 11, 2024

Have you ever heard someone begin to share something
by saying, “Once Upon a Time?”

You know a story is coming when you hear those

Stories are powerful and have transformative impact.
Abraham Lincoln was a famous storyteller.

In John 4, the woman at the well had a powerful
encounter with Jesus.

The changed woman returned to town to tell her story to
her friends.

The woman invites here friends to come meet Jesus, the
main character in her powerful story.

The towns people saw the changed woman.
The people believed because of her story.
The people came to see for themselves.
The people invited Jesus to stay with them.
Many believed…because of the woman’s story, and
because of the townspeople’s stories.

The matchless grace and work of Jesus in us creates
YOUR story.
God’s work in you is YOUR story.
Your story of God’s work in you has the power to
transform people’s lives.
Our story plants the seeds of the Gospel that the Holy
Spirit uses to bring faith.

To whom is the Holy Spirit calling you to tell your story?


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