The Eternal Grace of God

February 18, 2024

I wonder if you have ever heard the song that does
something like this, “God told Noah there’s gonna be a
floody floody…”

Today’s Old Testament reading provides the foundation
for all future hope.
Earlier in Genesis God CREATED. (Genesis 1-2)
Then humanity REBELLED. (Genesis 3)
Sinful humanity DESTROYED. (Genesis 4)
God REGRETTED creating. (Genesis 6.5)
God JUDGED. (Genesis 6.7, 7-8)

God provided for a new creation.
Important note…human beings didn’t change.

In response to God’s first judgement, God makes a
covenant with all creation. (Genesis 9.8-17)

The promise of the covenant is that God will always
remain with God’s people despite their inclination to evil.

God’s unstoppable purpose is to create a peaceful
cosmos, even in the face of rebellious humanity.

God REFUSES to GIVE UP on a fallen creation!

God sees the bow in the clouds and remembers God’s
purpose to create anew.

God, in grace, lives patiently, waiting for those to be
redeemed. (! Peter 3.20)

To see and know God as the one who remembers
us…with love and forgiveness in the middle of chaos…is
to discover redemption.

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