The Birth of Something New

May 19, 2024

November 11 th is a big day for Allyson and I – we are
waiting for the birth of grandchild #4.

God’s people were anxiously waiting for God to do what
he promised He would do in Joel…

On the Day of Pentecost, God did a new thing.

  • The disciples were all together in one place. (1)
  • The disciples heard the sound of a violent wind. (2)
  • The disciples saw tongues of fire coming and resting on them. (3)
  • The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. (4)
  • The disciples began to speak in other tongues. (4)

God, in giving the gift of the Holy Spirit creates a new
thing, the Church of Jesus Christ.

When the Holy Spirit comes, he brings…

  • Salvation
  • Transformation
  • Mission

We are recipients of that gift.

One of the distinguishing markers of the Church
is that we are fundamentally a supernatural
people; people among whom and through
miracles happen. (Lectio 365)

We are called to be those Spirit-filled, Spirit-purified,
Spirit-empowered, Spirit-driven people who proclaim the
message of God’s salvation for the world.

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