That Unmistakable Limp

October 16, 2022

Genesis 32.22-31

The sun rose upon him as he passed Penuel, limping

because of his hip.

Genesis 32.31 (ESV)


Jacob wrestles all night with an unknown

The figure Jacob wrestles with may be an angel,
a messenger, or may be God.

During the encounter, Jacob reveals his true
nature up to this point

Through his encounter, Jacob receives the
blessing he desperately longs for.

Through his wrestling match, Jacob not only
receives a blessing, but he also receives a limp.

Many people wrestle with God today.
Some wrestle looking for a blessing.

Others wrestle trying to find definition or clarity
or direction.

Others wrestle trying to experience deliverance.

Our limp is the visible sign of the touch of
God…used by God to witness to God’s work
and power.

How are you wrestling with God today?
Where does your “limp” show the world God’s

How has God blessed you (and others) through
your times of wrestling with God?

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