New Things for a New Year

December 31, 2023

Today marks the Seventh Day of Christmas…

Seven Swans a Swimming – representing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit…

We are still in the Christmas season celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in the world.

The celebration of Christmas is about the real presence of Jesus being born into us.

As we begin a new calendar year, I want to share some things that Christ wants to be born in us.

Practices that nurture our relationship with the Father.

Daily practices of scripture reading.

Daily times of prayer and reflection.

Devotional reading other than scripture.

Sacrificial giving in tithes and offerings.

Weekly Sabbath.

Practices that nurture relationships with others.

Tangible acts of service to another.

Developing a few personal relationships.

Regularly sharing your personal experience with God with others.

What needs to be born in us this Christmas Season as we move into a new calendar year?

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