Little is Much

June 16, 2024

We live in a world that is enamored with BIG things?

In Mark chapter 4, Jesus teaches two parables about
LITTLE things.

Jesus says “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”
The first parable is about seeds and how seeds

The farmer is missing from the story.

There is no labor, no cultivation, no sweat, no

The seed lives in contact with the soil.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not about human effort,
but about God’s grace bringing fruit in the lives of
those who live in the Kingdom.

The second parable is similar…it is about a mustard

In the Kingdom of Heaven little things become great in the
hands of God.

Both of these parables are about God’s grace and activity
in our lives and in the Kingdom

These parables are hopeful promises of God’s
grace…God will not fail to fulfill the promise of
salvation…it is already coming to pass…

What are you willing to place at God’s disposal.
What fruit of the Kingdom of God is coming to pass in your
Little is HUGE in the Kingdom of God.

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