He Knows

July 23, 2023

He knows

Psalm 139.1-12, 23-24

Where can I go from Thy Spirit? Or where can I flee from Thy presence?

Psalm 139.7 (NASB)


Psalm 139 portrays for us the AWESOME presence and knowledge of God.

David celebrates the God who knows him, intimately.

  • God knew what David was up to.
  • God knew Davids innermost thoughts – even while far off.
  • God knew David’s words.
  • God knew David’s motivations.

David is praising God for God being an OMNISCIENT God.

We are no mystery to God.

David also worships God for WHERE God is.

  • God is a hedge around David.
  • God is wherever David is or may go.
  • God is present from sunrise to sunset.
  • God is even present in the darkness.

There is nowhere David can go where he will be out of God’s presence and notice.

David recognizes God’s OMNIPRESENCE.

God’s omniscience and omnipresence can be both frightening and blessing.

David’s prays, because of who God is, to be aware of and led by God every day.

We must encounter God in the same awesome way.

True faith is only possible on such a basis as when people encounter God in every situation in life and are continually attentive to God (Arthur Weiser)


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