Free for All

January 14, 2024

Free for All
1 Corinthians 6.12-20
January 14, 2024

In the movie Gettysburg, there is a scene where Capt.
Tom Chamberlain is talking to some southern
One of the Tennesseans tells Tom Chamberlain that
they are in Pennsylvania fight for their “rahts.”

One of the buzzwords and controlling themes of our
society and culture is our “rights.”

Paul reminds the Corinthians that for the follower, all
things are “free.”

Freedom isn’t defined the way our culture defines
freedom, however.

Freedom for our world is defined as “I can do
what I want, my own way.”
This was the philosophy of the Corinthians.

Paul reminds the Corinthians that there is a higher
principle than individual rights.
Not all things are beneficial…
Beneficial is defined in terms of others.

When we are genuinely following Jesus, we are UNITED
with Jesus.

We are not enslaved to food, or sexual impurity.
We are free to glorify God.
Our lives are free to be lived for a higher purpose.

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