Bad Seed

February 25, 2024

Bad Seed
Matthew 13.24-30
February 25, 2024


I wonder if you have ever heard the song that does
something like this, “God told Noah there’s gonna be a
floody floody…”

Jesus teaches a parable of life in the Kingdom of God.
A landowner planted a field, using good seed.
The servants discovered a problem when the seed
began to grow and mature.
An enemy sowed BAD seed in the landowner’s field.
The servant’s solution was problematic.

The landowner offered a better solution.

What are we to learn from Jesus’ parable.
Satan attempts to thwart God’s plans at every turn.
God is a God of patience.
Eternal judgment will come, and God will be the one
who executes that judgment.
Ours is not to judge.

Lent is a time to focus on what really matters, our life in
the rule of God.

How do you need to exhibit the patience of God in
waiting for God to judge?

Where has the evil one sown the bad seed in your

Do you remember last week? God REFUSES to GIVE
UP on a fallen creation!

A day is coming when God will evaluate, sort, and judge
the fruit of our life, and will judge the world.

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